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TechGurus love technology. We are passionate about the latest trends, technologies and services. However we also understand that all businesses do not require them and often over complicate environments, when you should be focused on your business and what you do best Through this passion, business relevance and expertise we are able to deliver solutions to our clients that are fit for purpose, without overcomplicating your environment (and our ego) and worrying about technology that you should not be worried about. We believe in the “do it properly” mentality without charging a fortune.

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Support Services

Onsite & Remote IT Support 24/7 Rapid Response

Hardware & Software

Laptop, Desktops, Servers, Networking including Firewalls & Storage

Cloud Solutions

Google Gsuite Business & Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud

Web Development & Hosting

On Demand Web Developers and Business Grade High Availability Web Hosting

Solution Guarantee

If we recommend something to you, it is because it has been tried and tested, and designed to perform. All hardware, software, and services that we recommend are industry recommended, support and backed, by customers and our peers alike. We want the solution that we recommend to last, and not require phone calls constantly to resolve unnecessary issues.

The Right Solution

It is easy to recommend a solution to a client that does not fit requirements, or scales them for future growth. However this often adds unnecessary costs. TechGurus through its industry experience recommends solutions that fit your immediate business needs, whilst thinking about things that you shouldn’t need to worry about (like security). We know your business will grow and our technology advisory service allows us to address rapid growth like new staff, new office locations, or mobilising your workforce. We understand this by asking the right questions, at the right time, and ensuring our solutions cater for these requirements without breaking the bank.

Industry Experience

We have been in the industry over 25 years. So understand what our clients want and expect and are ethical. We would rather tell you the truth rather than be dishonest to get a sale. We believe that client loyalty and integrity is key to any relationship.

Passion & Commitment

We are committed to all of our client’s business outcomes. Our slogan “your potential, our passion” drives our commitment in ensuring that technology recommended is aligned to unlock your business potential and let you focus on what you do best.

Our Services

TechGurus is a comprehensive end to end IT provider. Rather than ramble on about how “fantastic” we are just to boost our ego. Let's mention what we can do, and can do well. With over 25 years experience, we are more than capable to advise, recommend and implement services from the most basic, to the most advanced.

Business Grade Website Hosting

Internet Connectivity

Onsite & Remote Support

Data Protection & Recovery

Hardware & Software

Email Services

Scalable Solutions

Web Design & Development

TechGurus is able to provide fast, affordable, and custom web development services across a variety of platforms and technologies including WordPress, Magento and WooCommerce.

Mobile Responsive

Plugin Development

Ecommerce Solutions

Developers On Demand

Remote Desktop

UX/UI Design

Custom Projects

Print Ready Design

Helping Small Business Succeed

Right Solution, Right Price

At TechGurus, we understand the unique challenges and needs of small businesses. Our team of experienced IT professionals is dedicated to providing customized and cost-effective solutions to help your business succeed. Whether you need help with networking, cybersecurity, or cloud solutions, we have the expertise and resources to support you every step of the way.

Alignment to Business Outcomes

Our team of IT experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to small businesses. We take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to develop a customized IT plan that fits your budget and meets your goals. Let us handle your IT needs so you can focus on what you do best – running your business

Scalable Solutions

As a small business ourselves, we know first hand how important it is to have reliable and efficient IT support. That’s why we offer flexible and scalable IT services that can grow with your business. From managed IT services to project-based support, we have the solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly and securely.

Navigating the Digital Landscape

Small businesses deserve the same level of professional IT support as larger organizations, and that’s exactly what we offer at TechGurus. From technical support and troubleshooting to strategic consulting and project management, we have the skills and resources to help your business thrive in today’s digital landscape.


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